Lady Gaga wows at the X Factor

The unique pop singer makes an impression during ITV’s X Factor live shows

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga

Well another week has passed in the X Factor and there has been another shock eviction from the show with Miss Dynamix being the latest act to be voted off. But dramatic as this was, it was not the only emotional event that happened during the course of last weekends X Factor shows.

It was in fact a heartfelt performance by love her or hate her singer and performance artist Lady Gaga that made the headlines and was the thing everyone was talking about. Lady Gaga has enjoyed huge successes since she first hit the charts many years ago. Her controversial outfits and interviews have kept people entertained and even though her outfits get crazier and crazier with each performance everyone on the planet will always remember her as ‘the lady that wore the dress made out of meat!’

Gaga made an appearance on X Factor last weekend and wowed the crowds with her exuberant performance. Known as one to shock she kept it fairly low key for the show, covering up slightly in a pink bra and pant suit set. She was probably  made aware of the programmes wide following where the potential for old and young alike to complain if the singer went too OTT with nudity or political statements was highly probable. It was her second time on the show having first appeared in 2011 to perform her single ‘Marry me.’

However Gaga had probably got it out of her system as her performance before appearing on the X Factor was at London’s premier nightclub GAY. The club has seen many a gay icon perform over the years including huge name stars such as Kylie and Madonna. Lady Gaga has a massive gay following herself and her performance at the club certainly did not disappoint with her stripping down to bare all in her birthday suit as she performed her new single.

Of course before Gaga came on X Factor this weekend it was important that she made amends with long time rival and X Factor judge Sharon Osbourne. It was clear that the two had put their differences behind them after a long fued which was catalysed when Sharon’s famous daughter Kelly Osbourne made rather cutting remarks about Gaga’s weight. This lead to several public letters being exchanged between the pair, none of which were particularly friendly. Sharon, 61 had called Gaga a hypocrite for condoning cyber bullying after Gaga’s fans had sent Kelly death threats after her comments. Gaga, 27 has admitted to being difficult in the past and even has therapists who tour with her and counselling stations set up wherever she goes to look after her mental well-being, or ‘little monsters’ as she refers to her ttoubles as.

However it seems now the fight is behind them and they can all continue to be showbiz happy families once more.

Lady Gaga’s new album ARTPOP is out now.

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