Kylie Minogue Brings 4 Million Viewers to The Voice

Kylie Minogue adds more than a beautiful face and flirts to the Voice — her appearance is reported to have brought in over 4 million viewers to The Voice since she began this season.  That’s quite an extraordinary draw and it’s not surprising at all because of her friendly flirtatious manner.

Kylie Minogue

The 45-year-old singer, who is earning a fraction of what she would receive with ITV rival The X Factor, helped attract a record high of 10.6million viewers, making The Voice the most watched show of the evening.

However, while some viewers thought her antics – flirting with contestants and high-fiving her fellow judges – were fun, others described them as cringeworthy.

Yesterday industry experts said her relatively low salary was the price to be paid for her mainstream comeback after her last three chart debuts stalled at 93, 31, and 96 in Britain.

The singer, who recently signed with edgy music label Roc Nation, home to Beyonce and Rihanna, is believed to be using the reality series to re-establish herself ahead of the release of her album Into The Blue in March.

She was rumoured to have requested up to £2million but BBC bosses refused and she is said to have settled for the same as the other judges, the returning Sir Tom Jones and, and fellow newcomer Ricky Wilson of Kaiser Chiefs.

James Harvey of PR company the Outside Organisation said: ‘Her recent songs haven’t been hits. Now she has signed with Roc Nation, which is much edgier and cooler, so it would seem this is the next chapter in her musical career.

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The Voice is much more appealing to me now that Kylie Minogue has been signed as a judge. I’m not the only one to feel this way as Kylie has added over 4 million extra viewers to The Voice since she began. Good job Kylie!  Thanks for the boost and thanks for your kind personality.