Kevin loses out at X-Factor quarter-finals

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This week’s showing of Celebrity X-Factor had more heartbreak as we saw another contestant have to lose out.

In what was the quarter-final of the competition, we saw the first round that had no safe seat. This meant everything was on the line and those who didn’t shine were to be relegated to the bottom two. That decision was left to the viewers, who voted in their favoured contestants. With the performers listening nervously, host Dermot O’Leary read out Kevin McHale and Vinnie Jones names to be the unlucky duo.

Both were made to perform again to fight for their continued appearance on the show.

Vinnie Jones told the judges before the two performed that he intended to step out of the show, but Simon wasn’t having any of it. Considering Vinnie’s tragic loss of his wife not long before the show kicked off, him being in two minds about continuing was understandable. Simon won him over in no time though, telling Vinnie “I’m going to insist you stay in this competition…I think you can win this.”

So, both got to their songs to save their shot at a record label. Both Nicole Scherzinger and Louis Walsh were obliged to vote in support of their own contestants, Louis for Kevin and Nicole for Vinnie. This meant Simon had the deciding vote, and considering what he’d just told Vinnie, was obliged to vote him through to the next round.

This means there are just six contestants left, with the semi-finals coming up next Saturday. We also have the ‘wildcard’ to look forward to, where one of the contestants who’ve previously been kicked off is brought back for one more shot.

It’s a shame to see Kevin go, but his replacement might bring even more excitement!

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