Kerry as an accident, and Vanessa gets arrested!

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We have a surprising turn of events on Emmerdale this week, as Kerry Wyatt gets amnesia!!!

Kerry ran out of the cottage chasing Tracy Metcalfe. She ended up having an accident and falling and banging her head, which lead to her being taken to hospital. It ends up that she now has amnesia and has forgot that she was the reason Frank Clayton got killed in the factory fire.

Emmerdale haven’t given away what is going to happen in this storyline.  The accident had happened, because Tracy Metcalfe had found out earlier in the evening that Kerry was responsible for the fire in the Sharma Factory.  After falling and ending up in A&E, she is in critical condition. Her daughter May, Dan and Amelia wait by her side to see if she is going to wake up.  Things don’t seem to look good for Kerry, and a crash team is brought in when her condition worsens. They have to try and revive her. 

Tracy is left feeling so guilty, thinking that it is all her fault. Her sister Vanessa and her partner charity try to help to ease her conscience, but Tracy is so guilt-ridden, it doesn’t help. 

Kerry’s daughter Amy visits the house and tells Tracy that she is going to tell the police what happened. Vanessa and charity say Amy is just trying to scare her.  Later we see Vanessa at the hospital and ends up in an argument with Amy. The two women are fighting, when Vanessa accidentally ends up punching a nurse, and the police end up arresting Vanessa!

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