Kel the villian! And two old familiar faces reappear this week!

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Coronation Street have a new dark storyline, that we’ve seen the beginning of, with newcomer Kel, who we found out had abused Paul Foreman when he was young. He’s a new villian to the cobbles, but will he be brought to justice for what he did in the past.

Peter Ash, who plays Kel has been talking about what is coming up for his character. He has re-appeared into Pauls life, which has lead to Paul getting confused and distressed, being flooded with all the confusion of what happened in the past with Kel.

Paul ended up lashing out at Kel and beating him up and putting him into hospital. Peter has revealed that he will not be a long standing character in the show, so hopefully Kel won’t stick around for long, and Pauls torment will come to an end.

Elsewhere on the cobbles we see some familiar old faces return to the street to celebrate Ken Barlows 80th birthday.
We will see Emily and Norris re-appear to wish Ken a happy birthday. Emily will be appearing in a lot newer technology that we’ve ever seen on the cobbles, by ‘Skyping’ Ken to wish him happy birthday, We will also see old favourite Norris return to Weatherfield!

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