Katie Hopkins forced to sell house to pay off debt

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Those who appreciate irony will be having a good time after the recent news about Katie Hopkins. Despite her past comments attacking people who are in debt, she has just had to sell her house to cope with her own debt.

Hopkins shot to fame after her appearance on the 3rd series of Alan Sugar’s The Apprentice in 2007. Since then she has built up a name for herself by abusing those who are poorer or of a different background to her.

Her controversial career was pushed over its limit when writer and anti-poverty campaigner sued her for libel in 2017. After she falsely accused him of vandalising a war memorial he asked her for an apology and a £5000 donation to a migrant charity. Despite this not being much money to someone who was as rich as Katie was, her persona compelled her to stick by her words.

She’s probably regretting her choice now as she was taken to court and ordered to pay far more in damages. She ended up paying around £30,000 in damages to Jack and an estimated £300,000 in legal fees!

To deal with the astronomical amount, she’s just had to sell her Devon home worth around £1 million.

People on Twitter were keen to point out the hypocrisy of the abrasive personality. In 2014 she tweeted “The only thing people in debt have in common other than bad money management, is an ability to blame anyone but themselves.”

Having spent so long making racist remarks and looking down on working-class people, many will feel that karma has just done its job by knocking Hopkins down a peg. Owning a grand house in Devon off the back of such a nasty career was never going to sit right with lots of people.

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