Karen Gillan Shows Off Shaven Head and Slender Legs

We loved her long red hair in Dr. Who, but what has she done? Karen Gillan showed off her shaven head and slender legs yesterday in London. She’s all ready for a brand new film role and, yes, she looks great without the hair too.

Karen Gillan

THE temperature in London may have dropped, but that hasn’t stopped Karen Gillan from showing off her legs.

The former Doctor Who star was pictured arriving at the ITV studios this morning, baring her pins in a sexy tartan mini skirt. Clearly paying homage to her Scottish roots, the 25-year-old actress made the most of her enviable legs and elongated them with a pair of black stilettos. Even more striking was Karen’s shaven head, which she unveiled a few weeks ago after cutting off her red locks for a new film role.

To make sure everyone knows exactly what her natural hair colour is, Karen teamed her green and purple checked skirt with a white T-shirt which was emblazoned with the word ‘Ginge.’

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Karen Gillan shows off her shaven head and slender legs in London, as she gets prepared for her new role in a brand new film.  Details to be released at a later date. Stay tuned for more information.