Julia Goulding leaves Corrie for maternity leave

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Big news for Coronation Street this week as Julia Golding, who plays Shona Ramsey, officially wraps up filming to head off on maternity leave. The support that the actress has received has been enthusiastic and widespread. Co-star Georgia Taylor, who portrays Toyah Battersby, posted a picture of the two on Instagram with the caption “Happy maternity leave beautiful @julia_golding. I’m so excited for you. Enjoy this special time. Happiest days.”

Supportive messages also rolled in in the comment section.

Whilst the actress will certainly be looking forward to her break, the character on the ITV soap has had a year hectic enough to warrant one too.

Shona’s had a lot of tough things going on, including her fiancé David, played by Jack Shepard, going to prison. Having your other half go behind bars for a few months would be hard enough, but the ordeal was made even more traumatic when he got into trouble weeks before his planned release. It looked like he was going to end up locked up for even longer when he was accused of stabbing inmate Josh Tucker, who’s played by Ryan Clayton.

Although Josh, who is locked up for rape, ended up admitting David’s innocence, the stress was a lot for Shona to deal with. She was desperate to get the knot tied between them! Upon his release, they wasted no time and ended up getting married just moments later.

We’ve not yet been given any explanation for how the character will be taken out of the show’s storyline. After all the drama she’s been involved with this year, it’s going to be odd seeing having her leave so abruptly. Hopefully, the writers have something clever worked out! Either way, she deserves some time away.


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