Jenny Bradley is On Her Way Back to Coronation Street

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Jenny Brandley

Jenny Brandley, after an absence of 21 years, is returning to Coronation Street. Sally Ann Matthews said, “I’m thrilled to be invited back and can’t wait to get started.” Long-term Coronation Street fans will be delighted as she brings — well, what will she bring? What’s she really after besides Kevin; or is it just Kevin? Will Rita give her a break or interfere? You’ll soon know!

Jenny, played by actress Sally Ann Matthews, will arrive back in Weatherfield early next year as a love interest for Kevin Webster.

The couple meet online when Kevin turns to internet dating to try and find a girlfriend. He’s shocked when he arranges to meet a mystery woman and discovers it is none other than Jenny, daughter of infamous Corrie villain Alan Bradley.

She in turn admits that she has started internet dating after a nasty divorce and was intrigued to find Kevin online – and confesses she had a bit of a crush on him when they were younger!

The pair start dating but how will Jenny’s foster mum Rita react when she finds out about the relationship?

The pair have not spoken since 1993 when Jenny returned briefly to the Street and it became clear that she was after Rita’s money to set up a business. Furious Rita wrote her a cheque for £1000 and sent her packing.

Jenny, now a 43-year-old divorcee, first joined the show in January 1986, working for Rita and Mavis as a teenage papergirl at The Kabin.

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Sally Ann Matthews is delighted with coming back to Coronation Street and so are her fans. Those Corrie writers are always cooking something new up while using the past in very innovative ways. We don’t know how long Jenny Bradley’s stay will be, but we welcome her back with — open arms or fingers pointing– what’s your choice?

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