Jamelia speaks about previous abusive relationship


The Loose Women star says she forgives her ex-partner for his abuse.


Jamelia is a massive superstar, beautiful rich and famous, however before she rose to stardom becoming one of the biggest celebrities to emerge from the UK she was trapped in a violent and abusive relationship.

However Jamelia has now claimed she has wholly forgiven the man who hit her and wishes to move forward with her life.

As with many women it was her children who changed her and motivated her to make the changes that were necessary to get out of the relationship which had been abusive for over three years.

She believes the man was just ‘young and stupid’ and that’s why he didn’t know any better. She even went as far as to refer to him as a friend, a great father and a good role model to her daughter Teja who is twelve years old.

“I told Teja not to judge her father as a boyfriend to judge him as a dad because he’s a fantastic dad I can’t fault him there,” said Jamelia.

Jamelia seems to hold the mantra ‘forgive and forget’ closely in her life and refuses to bad mouth either of her ex partners who are the fathers of her two daughters. Her ex-husband Darren Byfield the footballer who used to play for Walsall FC also still is involved and has a good relationship with the daughter her shares with Jamelia, Tijani who is eight.

“I will never say a bad word about their dads in front of them, never,” she said. “They are great men and that’s how I sell them to their children it’s not right to bad mouth anybody to your kids not at all.”

Jameilia talks freely about her poor taste in men and the domestic abuse she suffered at the hands of them. She hopes in doing so that it will encourage other women who feel scared and trapped to come forwards and end the cycle of violence.

Jamelia is now heading up Avon’s Shine Light and Speak Out Against Domestic Violence campaign. She is working with other charities Women’s Aid and Refuge to campaign against domestic violence, educate people on the signs of domestic violence and give help and advice to those in violent relationships.

Her new standing on ITV’s Loose Women is a great platform for Jamelia to really reach out to those who are in need of help and advice and we wish her all the best!

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