Jac from Holby turns up, and Duffy helps a woman in need.

Back in the Emergency Department, we see a crossover in Casualty with Holby City, as Jac Naylor is brought in.
Previously we saw David’s son Ollie brought into the ED with David, as Ollie had fallen into a river, and David jumped in to save him. David had to perform CPR and might have accidentally damaged his son’s chest. Jac has been brought in to perform a full thoracotomy on Ollie. Dylan knows that Jac is top of her game and is the expert Ollie needs to give him the best chances possible. Jac and Dylan really clash with each other, after Jac being ordered downstairs to perform the surgery.

Elsewhere we have been seeing Duffy struggling to come to terms with her diagnoses of dementia, however this week she has decided to keep busy and volunteer at a care home. Whilst there she gets to meet residents who also have dementia. She meets a woman called Maisie, who ends up having a fall. Duffy is able to step in and take Maisie to Emergency Department to get her examined. Whilst Duffy spends time with Maisie, she notices some bed sores on her, which could mean that she was being neglected in the home. She confronts the care homes manager about this, and it also gets Duffy thinking about her own situation, and she feels really lucky to have someone like Charlie looking after her.

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