ITV’s Daybreak the latest show to be changed as ITV’s new boss shakes things up

Aled Jones
Aled Jones

ITV’s popular breakfast show to have a name change and total revamp?

It seems that all the programing on ITV is a changing and now show, no matter how long established or popular is safe from the clutches of ITV’s decision making chiefs.

Daybreak is the latest show to come under scrutiny with reprts suggesting that bosses aren’t happy with the current format of the show. In recent years it seems to have gone more daytime gossip and chat show, and tends to leave the more hard hitting news stories for other bigger shows such as BBC breakfast. Well not anymore. Apparently bosses, in an attempt to boost the programmes ratings intend to change the format to make the show more ‘newsy’ which is how they believe they will draw a more serious cohort of viewers in. They are currently in negotiations with Eamon Holmes whom they hope will move from Sky to join the Daybreak team.

There is even talk of a name change to go with the shows new smart, serious image, instead of the friendly ‘Daybreak’ the show may instead be called ‘Good Morning UK’.

Dwindling figures seem to be the apparent reason for the change. It was only a year ago that the much loved presenting duo Lorraine Kelly and Aled Jones were brought in. Currently the show has an average of 1 million viewers where chiefs hope this shake-up will bring it more in line with BBC breakfasts 1.5 million.

It is thought that Eamon Holmes would replace Aled Jones as presented, and that he has been offered a high six figure salary to do so.

It is new Direcgtor Helen Warner that has come in all guns blazing and decided to take some bold decisions regarding many of ITV’s well established programmes.

An ITV representative said: “Our new Director of Daytime Helen Warner is looking at the whole of the Daytime schedule and Daybreak is part of this. Aled and Lorraine are fantastic presenters and remain a key part of plans moving forward.”

Some of the changes will be purely aesthetic with the beloved Daybreak couch being swapped for smarter more office like chairs and the bright and homey studio given a complete makeover to make it look more like a modern newsroom.

Daybreak has been running successfully for many years but ratings have gone up and down throughout and bosses now desperately want to make the show work and bring the ratings back up so it can be looked at as a true contender in the market.

We look forward to seeing what the changes will bring!

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