ITV’s Daybreak Shakeup

Could Dermot O’ Leery be the next Daybreak presenter?

Dermot O' Leery
Dermot O’ Leery

TV bosses are planning some changes for their long running breakfast show Daybreak. There has long been speculation of new presenters joining the show with a host of names being mentioned as potential new starters.

Firm favourite to replace Aled Jones was previous Sky News Presenter and former GMTV presenter Eamon Holmes. However apparently Holmes has no interest in working for the programme and snubbed the offer to join Daybreak.

Daybreak is rumoured to be in series trouble as ratings continue to drop, apparently competition such as This Morning is meaning fewer and fewer viewers are tuning in to watch the show. Hosts Loraine Kelly and Aled Jones were brought in to boost the show’s ratings with ITV bosses believing the popular presenting duo could win audiences round. However viewing figures have continued to plummet and are now reportedly below 700,000. Stats like this have prompted rumours that Lorraine Kelly is also set to leave the programme which could see it in even further trouble unless a fantastic replacement in found.

With Eamon off the cards ITV bosses have now two new potential replacements on the table. They come in the form of 42 year old ex BBC sports host Chris Hollins and popular X Factor presenter Dermot O’ Leery. 40.

It is thought that Chris’s experience could work wonders for the show however outsider Dermot is also in the running due to his general popularity with the British public. Despite having no breakfast TV presenting experience ITV bosses think that Dermot could attract more viewers and  indeed entirely new audiences, particularly the younger demographic who will have seen him on X Factor and now may watch whatever TV programme the presenter appears on!

However when prompted  ITV appear to be keeping their cards close to their chest saying “Aled and Lorraine are fantastic and will be back in January.” Of course they didn’t say how long they would continue so as the media speculation intensifies we will just have to sit back and wait and see!

Of course another tactic is to bring in the big guns by interview prominent and popular celebrities on the show, and indeed it seems producers are doing everything they can to get great celebrity guests onto Daybreak. Actors such as the legendary Robert De Niro and Michael Douglas have recently been interviewed by showbiz correspondent Ross King alongside the much respected and revered actor Morgan Freeman. The actors were promoting their new film Las Vegas which is already receiving critical acclaim  and  is in cinemas now!

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