iTV TV Guide to help you decide what you want to watch

Have you ever used the iTV guide to plan your TV viewing?

Viewers have their personal favorites for television programs and hate to sit through other boring and not so interesting ones waiting for their favorite show to begin. The iTV TV guide helps you organize your TV viewing based on your personal preferences by displaying TV listings for all your favorite shows. Here’s more on the iTV TV guide. But before that, let’s see something about iTV, UK’s popular television broadcasting channel.

iTV … UK’s popular television channel

iTV provides television network services in the United Kingdom and functions as a commercial service.  It has different channels within its fold including iTV1, iTV2, iTV3, iTV4, CITV. iTV launched different genres over time. It commenced with popular soaps such as Coronation Street and Emmerdale. This was followed by iTV sports. The iTV news broadcasts regional, national and international news. iTV also launched iTV weather for regional and national weather forecast.

How does the iTV TV guide help?

The iTV TV guide displays full listings of shows already broadcasted and those to be aired for various channels such as iTV1, iTV2, iTV3, iTV4, iTV1 HD and CiTV. In addition to this, you can get information about episodes, check the start and finish times for different programs. You can also view program details and schedules for other major channels.

iTV player is a blessing for those with busy routines and are likely to miss episodes for their favorite programs. The iTV guide enables an easy search for programs that can be viewed on the iTV Catchup service. It displays quick links to iTV player which when clicked directs you to a video right away saving you the hassles of first having to search for the program and episode you missed.

The iTV TV guide enables users to use the latest and advanced features offered by iTV. Using the TV guide, you can visit show websites for additional information concerning the show and have access to many more videos, features, news and pictures. It displays shortcuts to games promising some real fun for its little viewers. You can procure additional information concerning TV programs such as those shows which provide subtitling services, allows you to sort by date and the region you live.

iTV TV guide: Set reminders for shows

iTV allows users to personalize and organize their TV guide. In the iTV TV guide My Settings you can customize it with your favorite channels and program to have them instantly visible in front of you and the way you want them to appear. Many a times, no matter how important a show is, you tend to forget about it amidst your busy schedule and by the time you remember the show has progressed half way. Don’t let it happen anymore by setting reminders. To do so, first register with On the iTV TV guide page, click on “My Reminders”. In this way, you will receive email alerts reminding you about your favorite television programs. You can also look for programs 10 days before they are broadcasted on TV.

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