ITV Take Me Out competition – New York or Cyprus + £2,000 cash

Take Me Out competition – 08.10.12

Take Me Out competition closes for entries online at 4.00 p.m. on Thursday 25 October 2012

Who were Shakespeare’s most famous lovers?

A: Romeo & Juliette
B: Marvin & Rochelle
C: Ken & Deirdre

– We think A!

As usual we recommend you enter via the competitions, rather than online, which will cost you over £1 per entry. Entering online is FREE!

You can enter the Take Me Out competition up to six times per telephone number, so take those few extra minutes and ensure you maximise the odds of winning!

ITV Take Me Out Competition Prize

It’s the first week of the return of Take Me Out and the prize is set to be pretty good. Fancy a holiday or some cash? Then enter today for your chance to win cash and a choice of two trips…Take me out competition New York

  • Win a 5* trip to New York…

Yes; FIVE STAR 4-day trip for you and a friend to New York. Take whomever you please and enjoy a helicopter ride over Manhattan. Fabulous!

  • Win a holiday to Cyprus

The 2nd choice is a 7-day holiday to Cyprus for you and 3 friends. Again, this is 5* accommodation and is on a bed and breakfast basis. Your treat is a trip to the Fasouri Watermania waterpark. Fun in the sun.

  • Win cash

Whichever holiday you choose, £2000 cash will also line your pockets if you win this week’s Take Me Out competition, spend it as you choose; clothes, gadgets, the kids…or another holiday!

If you are looking for the full T&Cs you can find them here.

Take Me Out Is Back!

It’s 6th of October 2012 and Take Me Out is back; hurrah! for that – modern day Blind Date has returned to cheer us up as the ITV Saturday night changes from Red to Black to “gotta love some of that”. Bring on Paddy & the Isle Of Fernandos for some Saturday night lovin!

What the first night will be like is anyone’s guess; can’t remember the first show from last year; no one has been taken out yet…so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see; no likey, no lighty!

If you have never seen Take Me Out you might cringe the first time; it is about as cheesy as they come…but hugely entertaining. First time I saw it I felt it was quite sexist towards the girls…but to be honest, the more you watch it, it’s the guys that usually fair worse. It’s light-hearted banter and all the contestants need to have a good sense of humour; should the win or loose.

There has been some controversy over how the show operates and rumours of “match fixing” (is that the right terminology for a dating show?!) the winners and loosers, but either way it’s good craic for the telly on a saturday night.

Take Me Out Competition…

So, good luck with the first (& possibly 2nd) week of the Take Me Out competition – we’ll keep you posted every week so no need to worry if you miss the question; subscribe to our feedburner and you’ll get a “TV competitions” update when a cool new competition is added!


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