ITV Shows on the Air, in the Air

ITV has made a great deal with Virgin Atlantic to show soaps on the air, in the air on long-haul flights. This is great news for all us soap addicts because we can catch up while en-route. This is just another example of how ITV is using every tool available to boost their brand and improve ratings for their shows.  Well done ITV!

Snakes on a Plane

ITV has partnered with Virgin Atlantic to give Coronation Street andEmmerdale fans an in flight catch-up service, for those unable to wait til they get home to their personal video recorder. All together now: I just can’t get enough of these motherflippin’ soaps on this motherflippin’ plane!


Now, thanks to our new partnership with ITV you don’t have to miss a second of the drama with the launch of a pioneering new in-flight catch-up service for two of the most popular soaps in the UK. With weekly updates of the latest episodes of Coronation Street and Emmerdale available on Virgin Atlantic flights, you can jet off for a week in the sun safe in the knowledge you can catch up on the week’s goings on in Weatherfield and Emmerdale as you fly home.

Catch up with the soaps on your way back to Blighty

We’re the very first airline to offer the on-demand service as part of our award winning in-flight entertainment. Leading the way in red hot service in the sky, our soap catch-up service will launch in November, with new episodes downloaded each Tuesday.

“Here at Virgin Atlantic we’re always looking for new ways to add to our customers’ experience every time they fly with us,” said Reuben Arnold, our Brand and Customer Engagement Director. “This latest venture with ITV is another great example of this. We’re really excited to be able to offer our customers a chance to catch up on their favourite ITV soaps as part of our already outstanding in-flight entertainment package’. (Source:  Virgin Atlantic

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Next flight you take to the US on Virgin Atlantic remember to catch up on your ITV soaps. Coronation Street is now just a flight away.  It’s a great way to spend all those hours in the air.

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