ITV is Filming a new Drama Series Named “The Guilty”

ITV Studios

ITV is busy filming a new drama series named, “The Guilty.”  The 3 part series explores the tragedy of a missing person and a family’s fight to find their child.  We reveal who the stars are and give you some of the background in today’s article

Amidst the noise and chaos as everyone looks forward to the evening, little Callum Reid plays contentedly. When copious amounts of alcohol are consumed however, tempers flare and an ugly, violent scene rapidly changes the mood of the evening. In the hours following the barbecue, Callum goes missing and nothing is ever the same again.

Five years on, Arcadian Gardens is a very different place. An address synonymous with tragedy. The grief-stricken parents and their neighbours lives were torn apart by the events of that fun-filled weekend. Even after all this time the wounds are still raw. Not least for Callum’s big brother, Luke, who was only six when he disappeared. Then, on the eve of the fifth anniversary of his disappearance, Callum’s body is discovered, buried only yards from his own front door, and the nightmare begins all over again.

DCI Maggie Brand (Tamsin Greig) leads the new investigation. Pregnant when Callum went missing, debilitating morning sickness had forced her to step down from the original investigation. Her son, Sam, was born only a few months after Callum disappeared. Now he’s starting school and Maggie has to deal with her own feelings of loss, as she confronts the reality that her little boy is very different to the other children in his class.

Driven by her obsession to discover what happened to Callum, Maggie leaves no stone unturned risking her own happy family life with husband Jeb, played by Jamie Sives (Secret State, Game of Thrones) and young son Sam. Filming is underway and will continue throughout April and May.

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ITV is busy filming The Guilty to be broadcast later this year.  ITV is good at isolating specific societal issues and building effective drama scenarios around them, providing in my opinion a great public service. These issues need to be explored so people can be more aware to prevent these usually preventable things from happening.  Will you be tuning in to The Guilty later this year?