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The Red or Black competition airs on Saturday nights around September as part of ITVs selection of family entertainment, alongside the X Factor launch for a chance of winning one million pounds via a rolling jackpot. It generally kicks off as summer comes to an end and the darker nights (sadly!) start to close in.

Alongside the massive contestant prize there is always a great “Red or Black Competition” just for the viewers. This is a great opportunity to play and win money online for free. Being a prime time TV show, the prize is huge. In the past, one massive prize was the attraction of the entire show (it included £50,000 cash, a BMW, a Maldives holiday and a load of top-end gadgets). This year it looks you can win cash prizes every week!

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In typical manner you can enter the Red or Black competition via phone, text or the website. However if you miss the comp, you can always pop back to this page where we’ll have it waiting.

So keep an eye out and be sure to enter as there are always great, life-changing cash prizes to be won!

Red or Black Background

Red or Black was the most expensive game to win money in TV history & was created by Simon Cowell and contestants could win big money prizes of up to £500,000 playing a game of chance. When it launched, Red or Black stole the show (beating Doctor Who!) however, like all money games hows things soon settled down. Although the original TV show had a large live audience element, it is expected that from 2012 onwards it will be recorded in advance. Gimmicks are expected similar to the antics in previous shows involving various celebrities taking part in the tasks; great fun!

Viewers can participate by entering the massive viewer competition and also through participation in associated online instant win games which allow users to play similar “red or black” money games online. And the show is generally backed up by big pop stars such as Leona Lewis, JLS, Jessie J & One Direction – likely through Cowell 🙂


There was a bit of a backlash around the show for various reasons. The first million pound jackpot winner turned out to have a criminal record, PETA complained when sheep were dyed red or black for one of the sheep-herding gimmick tasks and a few people were not to happy about the lack of skill and “instant win” “game of chance” gambling nature of the show.

However the show continues to be popular and the cash prizes continue to be huge, so get ready to sit back, grab the remote and take your bet on the Red or Black competition.

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