Let’s Do Lunch Competition

Sample ploughman's lunch
Sample ploughman’s lunch (Photo credit:)

As lunch time arrives so do Gino and Mel; the loveable co-presenters who fill you full of smiles and yummy food. The Let’s Do Lunch competition is of the same calibre as the massively popular Loose Women comp, although Let’s Do Lunch is a shorter, summertime TV programme!

In a similar format to the other shows, the Lets Do Lunch competition requires that you watch the show in order to hear the question, then you can enter by phone, text or online.

The Latest Let’s Do Lunch Competition Q&As

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Entering The Competition

There is always the option to enter the Lets Do Lunch competition online at itv.com – we recommend you do this & it is the reason this site was setup; to help you find the direct link to the competition you are looking for. You can ofcourse enter by telephone or tex but this will cost you more than £1.50 so we don’t advise it. Another tip not everyone knows is that you can often enter the itv competitions more than once (at the moment most competitions allow 6 entries per phone number), so why not spend an extra 20 seconds entering a few times & increasing your chances of a win?

Lets Do Lunch Roundup

OK, so if you didn’t know about the competition now you do! But what about the show? In the usual itv style, the Gino and Mel show is light hearted and often brings about a giggle. Everyone seems to love Gino; ladies, men, dogs & cats alike….he’s a funny yet talented character. And if you pay attention you might just learn something!

Lets Do Lunch is full of cookery tips; from the correct use of utensils to the best methods for doing really difficult stuff – like poached eggs ; ) I still can’t manage them : ( And there’s usually a bit of banter when Gino is challenged to some cookery-related task, which often seems ridiculous, but is hilarious to watch (could be even funnier if Mel tried it sometime!).

lets do lunch competition 120812
Let’s Do Lunch competition question – 12.08.12

This is an example of a typical Lets Do Lunch competition question – they are always food-themed & very easy!

Let’s Do Christmas Lunch with Gino & Mel

Finally there is Let’s Do Christmas Lunch with Gino & Mel – so if it’s your turn you better get watching! Last year, Let’s Do Christmas Lunch was a big success and it’s set to return to our screens for the run-up to Christmas. Full of useful tips and advice….and the massive Gino & Mel Lets Do Christmas Lunch competition and prize draw! And while you’re at it why not enter the Lets Do Lunch competition? Christmas just might come early 😉


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