Itv competition touching millions of viewers

The ITV competition is a widely watched program by millions of viewers. It is telecast on the UK television channel ITV which boasts of a lot of such television contests. This channel shows a series of top ranking shows and a strategy is used to make them win to beat their rival channels and programs. There are some very basic questionnaires which impress the audience and cause them to win their personal ratings contest.

Latest TV competitions


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As is common knowledge the contests follow a similar format. Each question has three alternatives out of which the player has to choose the correct alternative. The questions are actually very easy and simple and it is not difficult to guess which is the accurate option. There are ways of getting your answer through by sms or calls or even online websites. Actually if the person logs in and does not call or text a quid is saved. There are a lot of popular shows  aired on the channel at all times of the day. Some of the popular names of the contests are Daybreak Competition or this morning competition and Lorraine competition. These shows are aired during the morning segment. Lorraine anchors the following part of the This Morning TV show. It is one of the most happening contest shows on the television channel. What are the reasons? The fan following is huge and it provides ample scope for participants to enter the contests. The prize is a fat amount of 25, 000 cash which is quite a lucrative sum.

More On ITV Competition

Some of the other programs in the ITV competition league are Loose women Competition and Real Deal Competition. Both shows are aired during the daytime and are immensely popular. The Real Deal Competition is anchored by Dickinson and is about antiques. The most happening program on this channel is the Gadget Show Competition. This program is all about gadgets, devices and machines. The gadget freaks would simply stay hooked to their televisions sets as the program is being aired. There are also marvelous prizes waiting to be won. Sometimes when the people win they do not desire their personal details to be revealed. But the websites provide the details of the contest winners. A question is repeatedly announced many times during the telecast and to know the question the viewer has to sit and watch the show.

Conclusion On ITV Competition

By watching the programs on ITV one gains weekly briefs and updates and knowledge enhancement is greatly on the rise. Logging online to send your answer is definitely better since it is cheaper as calling or texting would cost you a quid. The answers are quite simple and easy and anybody would be able to deduce the correct solution from the three options given. Although this channel has no government support still the programs shown on it make the rival shows bite the dust. So just make yourself a cup of tea and go and switch on your television set to watch ITV competition.


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