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the x factorWant to know what is the latest buzz in the TV world? It is none other than the xfactor competition fever which has hooked the people and is spreading like a contagious disease. Well, can you blame them anyway? The show is a hit and millions of people are their loyal viewers. Given all that, when they are offering a number of competitions and giving away huge prizes to the winners which include free VIP passes to concerts and loads of additional cash prizes, and then it is so hard to ignore the tempting opportunity.

So what exactly is the x factor competition?

The answer to the above question is not at all complicated. If you are a regular viewer of this show then you must know about this already but in case you are not then still you don’t have to scratch your head anymore. The organizers of the X factor show hold a competition every now and then at the show in which they ask the viewers a very simple question to which the participants are expected to give the answers to. Those who manage to give the correct answers are shortlisted and then the lucky ones get the prizes which vary a lot.

What kind of questions is asked in the x factor competition?

The questions asked in the X factor competitions vary a lot. They are not of a specific genre like literature, science or geography. Basically, most of them are simple general knowledge question and are really simple. A sample question asked in the X factor competition could be- Fill the missing word- Abraham____ was one of the greatest Presidents of America. Now, is this question any difficult? Certainly not! In fact even school going kids could answer this easily.

x factor itv competitionNow that you know how you could participate in the competition you might want to know how you could send the correct answer to them. Well, luckily you will get multiple options on this one. The most convenient way to submit the answer would be to send it though SMS. In every show when they ask the question they also give the numbers on which you could send SMS.  Apart from that you will also need to remember the structure of the SMS to be sent to them. They will typically give some options with every question and you will have to send the correct one to them.

If you are not too comfortable with the SMS sending then you could participate in the competition by submitting the answer via a phone call. When you will call on the numbers which are displayed on the screen when the show is running you will be given proper instructions on how to do the job.

Reality shows are the entertainment shows of the new generation and you will be going to see even more type of such shows in the upcoming years. It seems like X factor is also prepared for the competition given the way they are enhancing the fan base by the use of such competitions. Why not even you make the best of it?


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