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The competitions are one of the hottest topics for the gossip these days. There are various types of competitions in which you could participate and you can win exciting prizes like cash prizes, free trips to exotic countries, luxury cars and much more. However, the most important thing for you to do in order to win these competitions is to keep yourself updated.

It is not possible that you watch every single episode of the shows on ITV which hold such competitions. This is why you can instead make the use of other sources to get the latest news about competitions. Here are some tips and ideas which could help you in this matter-

1) Radio

English: DAB RADIO 2008
English: DAB RADIO 2008 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yes, even though radios are slowly becoming outdated and tablets and smart phones are replacing them, they still have good use for us. Also, even today many people listen to radio when driving a car or at gym.

This is why you can get information about the competitions at the radio as well. Many channels are promoting the competitions on the radios and so when you are driving then you can get the information about the competitions.


2) Internet

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In fact you can always check out their official website for latest updates on the competitions. Since ITV hosts a number of competitions so they have systematically divided all of their shows in their websites accordingly. You will be able to find information on any competition from their website in a matter of fractions.

Apart from the official website of competitions you can also find the relevant information on other websites as well. All you will need to do is a little internet researching. There are plenty of websites which provide information about the competitions. Some of these even give the answers to the questions asked in the shows which you have to submit in order to win. So, internet could be very useful to you.


3) Newspapers

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Even though finding the accurate and detailed information about competitions in newspapers would be a little tough and the chances are also very slim, these could act as wake up calls in case you forgot to watch the last night’s show. The newspapers could act like reminders for you to catch the latest episode of your favourite show.

In order to win the competitions you have to be alert and watch their shows so that you could know the question and give correct answers. Even though you can’t always keep yourself updated, having these other sources of information could really help you out. So, the next time you miss a show then don’t forget you always have substitutes and you can still participate in the competitions by acting smart. Let these sources be helpful to you.


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