competitions : an overview

ITV is an immensely popular channel that is telecast for UK citizens. It has four other sister channels and together they have become one of the most sought after channels in UK. Every day thousands of people gather in front of their television to take part in the competitions and with the chance to win big prizes they never let the attention of the audience flag of.

About competitions competitions are a big attraction especially when you can win thousands of pounds on answering simple questions. The questions are not related to rocket science; rather they are drawn front day to day life and made such that common people are able to answer it! Take for example one show is Lets Do Lunch with Mel and Gino. The show is very interesting, the first segment contains interesting cooking recipes from basic materials we usually have in the kitchen, the second section calls in for a celebrity guest who divulges various details from his life and the third section is the competition.

Taking part in these competitions is very easy, especially since they are very simple but winning is not! You will have to be really lucky to win. But still it is worth the try because the winning amount may be very lucrative, as lucrative as thirty thousand pounds! ITV Secret Dealers Competitions is also an immensely popular TV series. In this serial three dealers visit the houses of people who have collections. They offer various amounts and then bargain for it. It is wrought with drama and the added attraction is the ITV competition question. The question the other day was on chopsticks! Surely it is very easy and simply choosing the correction option and filling in personal details makes you a participant in the draw.

What are the terms and conditions of the draw?

We will see the terms and conditions in context of a typical example like the Day Break and Lorraine Show. The competition related to this show as well as all other ITV competitions is entitled for participation from UK citizens who are eighteen years of age. The employees and their immediate family members, as well as all those people associated with promotions are not eligible to participate. The competition can be participated online by visiting the official website within a stipulated time. Participants can also answer by their cells phones and land lines, via messages and calling.

The charge for calling via messages is standard rates, just over one pound per minute and the same is applicable for messages too, however online entry is free. The prize is extremely lucrative, apart from thousands of pounds as cash you can also win a car, and high street super market vouchers.

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