ITV To Broadcast New ‘X-Factor’ Rival, ‘Rising Star’

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ITV will broadcast a new ‘X-Factor’ rival show called Rising Star in January 2015. The show allows for direct audience voting as opposed to a panel of judges. A test of the show run in Israel has been very successful as it captured nearly 50% of the viewing audience it’s first run.



A new entertainment format where real-time voting by viewers is at the heart of finding the next big star, is coming to ITV.

Devised by Keshet International and commissioned for ITV by Director of Entertainment and Comedy Elaine Bedell, Rising Star is an innovative, interactive, musical talent format, where viewers at home vote in real-time during performances, via an app, which is fully integrated in the show.
Prior to any performance beginning, there is a period in which people at home can ‘enter the vote’ through a free app. Then when the performance starts, the voting starts – all live, all in real time.
The live audition rounds see the contestant walking out onto a stage to begin their live screen test. From their point of view, the screen they’re performing in front of is blank, but as the performance starts pictures of the people voting at home start to flash up on the screen.
If the contestant achieves a 70% approval from the viewers’ voters, and the judges – the screen then rises, they walk out to see the judges and the studio audience, and they go through to the next round.
The four judges votes’ influence the contestant’s chances, but the decision is largely in the hands of the viewers, with their votes contributing the lion’s share towards deciding whether the contestant hits the 70% approval they need to progress to the next round.
Rising Star had a record-breaking debut on Keshet’s Channel 2 in Israel, capturing an impressive 49.4% audience share, making it the highest debut of a TV show during the country’s September launch season in 15 years.
The UK series on ITV will be co-produced by ITV Studios and Keshet International UK. The sale to ITV was done by Keshet International.
ITV’s Director of Entertainment and Comedy, Elaine Bedell said,
“It’s rare that you find a genuinely innovative new entertainment format – but Keshet have come up with one and I’m very pleased that it will now be on ITV.  The bold real- time voting element means that viewers’ votes control every twist and turn of the live programme   – and that makes for an incredibly dramatic, emotional and exciting show.

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It’s interesting that ITV announced the new Rising Star show at the same time it renewed Simon Cowell’s contract for 3 more series of X-Factor and Britian’s Got Talent. With a declining audience, perhaps Rising Star is ITV’s attempt to continue in this market as X-Factor slips away.

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