ITV Brings Movie Magic to Morecambe

Warwick Davis, who starred in the Star Wars Return of the Jedi film, was caught filming in Morecambe recently. He’s working on a new movie with the working name, “Home Grown Holidays” which will be screened early in the spring of 2014. When ITV brings movie magic to Morecambe, the people there just love it.

ITV Movie Magic

Return of the Jedi movie star Warwick Davis has been spotted filming in Morecambe for a new series currently being produced for ITV. The show features Warwick, his wife Sam, 16 year old daughter Annabelle and son Harrison, who is 10 travelling across the UK in a campervan, trying out as many unusual activities as they can along the way. For the Morecambe instalment of the series Warwick was filmed being manhandled by a rather large wrestler at a stunt school.

Morecambe local and talented wrestler Johnny Phere went head to head with Warwick, who was thankfully left in one piece after filming had ended. Warwick’s sense of humour also remained unscathed and he quipped that Daniel Craig could move over, he was in one piece and his no claims bonus remained intact!

Fans flocked to the Regent Studios to catch a glimpse of Warwick who proved to be the ultimate gentleman and signed autographs and posed for photos with everyone who asked. The series insert was filmed at the Regent Studios stunt school in the west end and features Warwick being thrown down a flight of stairs and wrestled to the ground by the burly Phere. With a background in stunts this activity wasn’t too daunting for Warwick and he commented on how impressed he was on finding a stunt school in Morecambe.

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Morecambe was chosen because it has a stunt school and that’s where the filming took place. Return of the Jedi’s Warwick Davis did his own stunts in this filming episode as ITV brought movie magic to Morecambe.  The same magic can happen in your town. Who knows? Maybe Arnold Schwarzenegger will show up in Norwich to film a segment in a yet to be written move involving British spies and American crime?  Now there’s a thought for a new movie!

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