ITV Boss Adan Crozier Gets Golden Handshake Worth 3.9 Million Pounds

Adan Crozier has received a “golden handshake’ worth 3.9 million pounds, his reward after lifting ITV out of the basement to the penthouse of popularity.  That’s not a bad take after increasing the company’s revenue more than 6 billion pounds.

Adan Crozier

ITV boss Adam Crozier was given a £3.9 million golden handshake for just taking the job, after his successes with turning the channel around.

But the lion’s share of his bumper deal came from a ‘joining award’ of £3.9million, used to entice him to join ITV from Royal Mail in 2010.

Mr Crozier, 50, was recruited to turn ITV around, as it struggled during the recession due to its heavy reliance on a fragile advertising market.

He has since presided over a renaissance that has seen the public service broadcaster’s stock market value surge from £2billion to £8billion.

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What’s the value of a CEO? Adan Crozier’s value has definitely risen in the eyes of ITV as he added 6 billion in revenue to the television giant since he took office. His 3.9 million ‘golden handshake’ is well deserved.  Not let me get back to my much-less-than-that job!  Well done Adan!