It’s Over for the Overs, Welcome the Divas!

Sharon Osborne doesn’t like the name of her lady group, “the Overs,’ and has suggested they call themselves ‘the Divas.’  The Divas has a much more commercial name than the Overs, that’s for sure. Pop is all about selling the sizzle and the Divas will get quite a bit more attention than the Overs. Let’s see if they take Sharon’s suggestion.

The Overs or the Divas

Sharon Osbourne has said she doesn’t like her group’s name the Overs, and prefers to think of them as the Divas.

The X Factor judge revealed her final three Overs for the live shows at judges’ houses over the weekend, but said that she disliked her category’s name.

She said: “I want to know what Overs stands for because I have no idea what Overs is. Over what?

“We’re at a time when there’s no age limit in this industry. Some of the biggest superstars are over 60 years of age. So over what? So I don’t really like that name that my category has. I just like to say we’re the divas.”

Sharon chose prison officer Sam Bailey, white van driver Shelley Smith and student Lorna Simpson at her judge’s house in Los Angeles, with the help of Robbie Williams.

But she said watching the selection stage back for each of the categories had been tough : “To see the contestants who were let go and one little girl in particular, just as a mum, broke my heart for this little girl.”

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The Divas is a much better name than the Overs and I’m not commenting on the quality of the Divas in the Divas; I’ll leave that for your consideration. All I know is that the Divas is much more commercial and Sharon knows what she’s talking about. That’s why she does what she does, and she is really good at it.  Go Sharon! Go Divas!

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