Is there going to be a major character death???

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Some eagle-eyed Coronation Street fans think they have sussed that there is going to be a major character death coming up on the cobbles. They think that possibly a photo released, may have just gave too much away. 

In the behind the scene picture that was released earlier in the week, we see a scene with Coronation Street legend Ken Barlow, and he is talking with Carla Connor and Beth Tinker. 

However in this scene, fans have noticed that there were Sympathy cards adorning the cabinet behind Ken, which they believe are for the death of Sinead. 

With Beth being in Ken’s house, talking to him and these cards, fans have put 2 and 2 together to form the idea that Sinead must be dead.

We already know from earlier episodes, that Sinead cancer has returned, and she is struggling to come to terms with this and that her husband Daniel Osbourne, may be starting or having an affair with Bethany Platt, who he has been spending a lot of time with.  They have both had a lot happen to them in the past which has left them fragile and vulnerable, so when they start to have heated conversations together, it draws them closer and closer, until finally they kiss. 

With what’s happening with Sineads cancer diagnoses, Daniel will be ridden with guilt, and fears he turning out just like his dad. Bethany deals with her guilt by confiding in her own family. But will Sinead find out, what’s in store for this couple?

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