Is Mark about to leave Ramsey street for good?

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Is Mark about to leave???

Mark has been fighting with a big decision, should he leave Ramsey Street for good, so that he can look after his mum Fay, who’s condition has deteriorated. Mark and Aaron were away and have come back to Ramsey street. Aarons husband, David, thinks he is back to tell them that he is leaving to go look after his mum. However it is actually Mark who has decided he will leave the street to be with his mum.

Mark is quite devastated about leaving, and wants to leave as quickly and quietly as possible. He doesn’t want big emotional farewells, however both Aaron and David say he should make his goodbyes, so he will feel better about leaving. He can’t bear having to say goodbye to his loved ones, so he decides to record messages for everything who ever meant something to him.

Elly starts to suspect that something is going on, and goes to Aaron to find out the truth about Mark. He finally cracks and tells Elly that he is getting ready to leave. He is currently saying his goodbyes to Sonya and Kate. Elly is totally distraught that he has decided to leave, and blames herself for him making the decision to leave. Will she try to stop him from going?

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