Is ITV Snubbing Poirot?

Is ITV playing down Poirot now that the final four episodes are showing? That’s what it seems like.  Agatha Christie’s Poirot is one of the most legendary fictional characters ever developed and I for one think he deserves a little more on the promotion side of things.  Tell us what you think.

As some of you may be aware, ITV is currently showing new episodes of Agatha Christie’s Poirot on a Wednesday night. You’re not? Well that’s because ITV appears to be doing something very questionable with the final quartet of episodes.
I’ve followed the Poirot television series since I was old enough to fully understand it after its 1989 first episode. It’s a series that has been, for the most part, brilliant and though it struggled with the mid-noughties “sexed-up” era, it’s always been enjoyable to watch, in part down to the strong source material and the scripts from them, but also down to the incredible spot-on portrayal of David Suchet as the fictional Belgian detective.
Sadly, Suchet’s expertise on the role is being wasted by ITV, who have thrust the final ever four episodes of a series spanning twenty-four years on four successive Wednesday evenings in October and November with very little fanfare.
It’s no secret that Poirot meets his end in the final of the four episodes, which rounds off an outstanding achievement of filming an entire considerable canon of work. But whereas you’d expect ITV to be making the most out of the scheduling of four expensive, high-quality pieces of drama, well received by the audience, featuring the last adventures of one of their hallmark shows, they’ve instead shown an incredible lack of marketing and respect for the show.

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I love watching Poirot and now I’m devastated to know he “meets his end” in the final show of the series. Thanks for telling me! It would have made more of an impact to watch it build up and see it happen. Oh well, I’ll have to watch it anyway.  Poirot deserves more fanfare than ITV is giving him this season.

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