Is it easy to win This Morning competitions?

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this morningThis Morning competition is one of the ITV competitions featured in the British television daytime program. ITV has many shows based on health, entertainment, real life shows and showbiz programs etc. TV competitions have become very popular as a person stands a chance of winning big and This Morning competition is one such contest where you can participate and win prizes like £50,000 in tax free cash.

About This Morning competitions

Who doesn’t dream of making extra money to splurge with, or even win a beautiful car that you could never afford otherwise.  This Morning competitions are free to all who participate and one can try their luck every week. To take part in the competition all you have to do is simply answer the question that is asked during the show or go online to view the question and give the correct answer. It is an easy, simple multiple choice question that can be even answered by kids, however one must be 18 and above to participate. You can go to the website to see the weekly question and there is usually a grace period of some days for people to answer online. Winners are notified on the website and with regular participation, everyone stands a chance to win. This Morning competition previous prizes have been £30,000 in cash, a dream vacation, a Volvo XC60, or even a Jubilee Jackpot. So all you actually have to do is, remove a few minutes of your schedule, click the correct answer and participate. If you can’t guess the answer you can quickly research it in no time. You never know that just a few minutes of your weekly schedule can turn around into prize draw money.

This Morning competitions questions

You can choose to participate online or even phone in the answer. The calls will be charged as per policy. Multiple choice questions are extremely easy to answer, making these competitions very addictive and fun to play. If the question of the week is a little hard to answer, then a quick research will provide you with the correct answer. Many people may skip such a difficult question, making your chances of winning big more. Also the tougher the question, the greater the reward. The type of questions asked for This Morning competitions are: ‘according to the children’s song, the wheels of the bus go..?’ A. up and down, B. round and round or C. Left and right. The prize money for this question was £50,000.

A person is also allowed 6 free web entries. Another question previously asked was:

Complete the title of the following TV series, ‘the Darling Buds of _______’

A. January,
B. May,
C. October.

The prizes for this simple question were £20,000 in cash prize and a Caravan Holiday Home which was worth £80,000. So don’t think twice, all you have to do is watch the television show and take part in This Morning competition online and play to win as you never know when luck can come knocking on your door.


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