iphone 5 testers wanted

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How to win a apple iPhone 5?

Are you wondering to get a chance to win a Apple iPhone 5? The new iPhone is getting decked with all the bells and whistle to outperform the current Smartphones present in the world. There would be nothing greater than getting the new Apple iPhone 5 absolutely free. This is real…you can get your hands on an Apple iPhone 5 by becoming a “Product Tester”. You will not pay for the new iPhone 5, however, you should not forget the fact that you will need to complete a suitability test and be selected as a tester.
iPhone5 Product Testers Required

Test the phone and keep a Apple iPhone 5

Apple will encourage its fans and tech experts to contribute through reviews on its products. Reviews are great ways to create interest among the general public. Reviews will help phone users to know ‘what is what’ even before they pick the product in the market. The latest reviews are including images and videos of the products in such a way that you are not required to visit a retail store to try the features yourself.  You will understand the length, breadth and width of these products not only physically but also in terms of their features. As you go through the comparison chart, you can definitely understand the plus factors and minus factors of these products. Now, Apple is exploring testers to conduct various kinds of tests on the new phone, iPhone 5. We shall check how you can win an iPhone 5 in this process.

Volunteer and win a Apple iPhone 5

If you volunteer yourself to test and tweak the product, iPhone 5 you have the chance the win a Apple iPhone 5. In order to participate in this process, you should send an email to Apple expressing your willingness to test the phone. If you are one of the lucky lots, you are most probable to win the iPhone 5. You should understand the fact that Apple should be convinced of your skills in this end to perform the testing job faithfully. Apple will have its own criteria to select a bunch of testers from various walks of life. This will give the company a great opportunity to learn about the ways to improve the product.  It will be possible to analyze various parameters in users’ perspective and thus, can come with a better product. Hence, by showing your interest by sending an email, you will not lose any. On the other hand, you have the possibility to win the greatest gadget of this year, iPhone 5.

If you are one of the testers handpicked by Apple, you will also be one among the first set of testers to verify the widely spread rumors. There are widespread rumors that the new iPhone will be equipped with 2 GB RAM. It is expected that the new iPhone will be ultra thin and it will come with a very big screen to facilitate your games and movie access. You can shoot a mail and you can take a chance to win a Apple iPhone 5.


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