In Home and Away next week – we see Mackenzie take action and pre-wedding celebration drama

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In next weeks Home and away, we are seeing a lot more drama for Dean Thompson, and Jasmine Delaney has a decision to make. Bella remains in danger due to Tommy.

Dean’s girlfriend Ziggy feels like something is troubling Dean when he returns home to see his mum. Dean then explains that he hasn’t told his mum about the attempts of his father, Rick to make contact with him, because he fears for his mums mental health. Ziggy lets Dean know that she had been curious about his family history but had Willow about it. This upset Dean, who said she should have just asked him.

We still see Mackenzie wanting to plan revenge against her father Rick, who is trying to launch his political career. Dean was not keen on being a part of this revenge plot, to expose Ricks “family” revelations to the media. However Ziggy and Colby reveal that Rick phoned Mackenzie, boasting over winning Dean over and destroying Mackenzies revenge plans. When Dean hears this, he gives Mackenzie the go ahead to phone a journalist. Colby also wants to pursue his relationship with MacKenzie but is worried it is too soon over his break up with Chelsea. So he throws himself into organising a pre-wedding party for Robbo and Jasmine. However feelings are mutual from Mackenzie, and they end up kissing that night.

We also see an ex friend of Robbo’s appear, Lance Salisbury, who has come back for the wedding celebrations. Jasmine admires, Lance and Robbos strong friendship.

Although everything is exciting for Jasmine, she can’t help but feel sad not to have her own family around to share in the celebrations. She now feels very alone in the world. Robbo suggests that maybe they should try and track down Jasmines father after the celebrations.

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