Iain rethinks his life after, and we see an old friend return!

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In Casualty, we see the start of the story which will be leading to the character Iain, leaving the show in the following weeks. Iain has gone through a lot of his own dramas over the past few years, however, he is now starting to have a happier life through all the adjustments he has made for himself. 

Iain thinks about doing a charity skydive, as his late friend Sam used to do one annually, and Iain thinks it might be just the thing to push him out of his comfort zone and try something new.

Dixie is back!! Just when Iain is thinking about all these changes, we see another one of his old friends, Dixie, return to the ED, which seems like she has returned at just the right time. They immediately start to reminisce and it is like old times.  Dixie ends up inspiring Iain to really rethink his current life, and maybe think about starting a new life away from Holby after all his current losses in his life.

Also in the ED we see Archie throw herself back into work.  This is after she was stabbed in a pharmacy when she was following Connie, who she suspected was stealing drugs. Archie gets thrown into another drama when she deals regarding an acid attack.  Archie tries to take matters into her own hands!

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