How will Iain be leaving casualty? Will Gem return?

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Casualty is taking a break until 21st September, so here is what to expect when it returns!

As we had already let slip, Iain Dean will be leaving Casualty, but will his departure be smooth! Iain, played by Michael Stevenson, has been in the show for over seven years now, but they will have him firmly in a central role for his departure.

Dixie will also be leaving again, after returning to our screens for a short stint. Iain becomes upset when one of the patients he was treating passes away. Iain has struggle with overcoming the death of Mia last year, so Dixie is worried that he may still be vulnerable and wants to support him in moving on. Dixie tries to talk to Iain, but he shirks it off and says he is not ready to talk. Before leaving the ED, Iain also bonds with another patient who is similar to Iain and had suffered a breakdown. Anna inspires Iain to make a final decision over his future.

Another character to have recently left the Casualty team is Gem. She left to follow her boyfriend Rash out to Thailand, however a turn of events meant Rash returned to the ED without Gem. Gem has now made the decision to stay out in Thailand, but has left Iain with the job of telling Rash, as she didn’t know how to break the news herself.

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