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There are many competitions featured in the respective television shows on ITV. These ITV competitions have become the latest craze and every morning people are hooked on to the show to learn the contest question of the week and get a chance to win big. Online competitions have become very addictive and people can win really huge prize money and prize draws with the competitions.

Types of competitions

There are many ITV shows that are aired on ITV that hold fast and easy money making competitions. Some of these competitions are Daybreak competitions, This Morning competition, Loose Women, Let’s do Lunch ITV competition, Dickinson’s Real Deal competition, Poms in Paradise, The X Factor, The Cube, Take me out and many more. A participant has multiple free web entries while taking part in these competitions online. The question is usually announced during the show and a person can then choose to make a free online entry of the answer or even phone-in the correct answer. If you missed the show, you can go online to view the question and answer it.

er…and if you get on any of the ITV shows, this is an example of what NOT to do!
ITV alone has a number of competitions to participate in, so a person who is regular with online competitions definitely stands a chance in winning. The questions are extremely simple and are multiple choice questions making the answer available and easy. There is also a grace period given to answer the questions and it differs from contest to contest. The winner will be contacted by telephoning him and his name will also appear in the week’s winners list. If you wish to participate in suppose This Morning competition, then the person can visit This Morning page at for further instructions and how to play. TV competitions and online competitions are now the fastest way of making money and are very popular amongst housewives, mothers and young students. Who doesn’t want to win a little in their lives, and with competitions, you can really win big. competitions features

Easy, fast and precise multiple choice questions asked in the competitions, can make you win cars, luxury trips, cash prize like £60,000 for instance, iPads, tickets and many more. And the most important thing to win is that you don’t have to shell out any money as these competitions are entirely free. So a few minutes of your time in answering, can lead you to win £50,000 worth of tax free cash. You won’t find these prizes anywhere as ITV is a huge and a popular channel that broadcasts a lot of the biggest television programs for years now and so they want people to participate and are able to give away such prizes. All you have to do is play to win and answer the simple questions. So aim to win, never give up hope, and make a wish for what you want be it a car, or a trip to Hawaii or £40,000 because with competitions, you never know what can come true.


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