Hot Tub Britain on ITV Tonight

Hot Tub Britain is an ITV documentary about Dennis Holmes and his family who run Hot Tubs of Blackpool. Hot tubs used to be just for the rich and famous, but with the help of Holmes and his family, they are becoming a hot item for the rest of us peasants as well.  I think it’s a great idea to have a hot tub in Britain. My first home featured a normal swimming pool that I got to use about 2 weeks out of the year — and only those years where it was hot enough for long enough to warm the water! Need I say that wasn’t every year?

Hot Tub Britain
Hot Tubs of Blackpool is a family business specialising in hot tubs. Pictured are staff Guy (Den’s stepson) Ross ( Den’s son-in-law), Den, Dan (Den’s son) and Damien (Ross’s cousin). Picture: ITV

HOT Tub Britain will be screened on ITV tonight (Tuesday, September 9).

The documentary follows the owners of Britain’s biggest hot tub superstore, Hot Tubs of Blackpool.

Dennis Holmes and his family run the shop, which has an annual turnover of more than £10 million.

After once being an accessory for the rich, the tub has now gone mainstream and become Britain’s most desirable status symbol.

The film follows Den and his staff through the busiest months of what they hope will be their most successful year yet.

It will be broadcast at 9pm.


I’ve never quite understood the appeal of taking a hot bath in the open air, especially not with the next-door neighbours or extended family sharing it. But clearly I’m in a minority because according to Hot Tub Britain (ITV) this is a “mania” that’s sweeping the nation. A claim everyone at The Hot Tub Superstore, leading purveyors of bathing pleasures based in Blackpool and the subject of this high-spirited film documentary, was very keen to agree with.

“We’re officially bonkers busy,” said sales director Ross Phillipson, who expected the firm’s already multi-million pound turnover to increase by 50 per cent this year. Indeed a major source of entertainment was the 20-strong delivery and installation team’s struggle to keep up with the orders, a situation further complicated by the fact that everyone working for the company was either a close relation of the boss, Dennis Holmes, or a good friend of the family.

“It’s EastEnders, isn’t it? Everyone’s married to somebody else,” observed Ross (Dennis’s son-in-law). And while fans of the BBC soap might not have found it that torrid, the interpersonal relationships got delightfully frayed at times. Such as when the martinettish transport manager Jerry (Dennis’s ex-wife’s current husband) sacked installation technician Guy (Dennis’s stepson) in a dispute that was somehow related to babysitting. The fallout was nuclear.

But for the most part everyone seemed to get along swimmingly. Some of the most amusing moments came when the cameras were turned on members of the tub-owning public. As with the gentleman who explained how he became “almost euphoric sat in a tub”. Or the lady who was reading 50 Shades of Grey in hers – “again!” she giggled, as the camera panned to a miffed-looking chap wrinkling up in the water beside her.

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Hot Tub Britain will air tonight at 9 pm. It’s refreshing to have documentaries of success stories like this amid all the trouble and bad news we normally get. Dennis Holmes and his family are turning over 10 million pounds a year because of there dedication and keen market insight, coupled with their excellent hot tubs. Congratulations to them!

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