Hollyoaks horror ahead for Ste as he flees from the gang and someone is stabbed!

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Next week in Hollyoaks, there will be a special one hour episode to air a dramatic finale to the storyline involving Ste, played by Kieron Richardson.  For the past few months, we have seen Ste being brainwashed by a far-right extremist gang headed by Jonny, played by X-factor star Ray Quinn. This gang was a racist gang and targeted the Maalik family.

Recently Ste has been forced to stay in the gang just so he can keep his own family safe.  The One-hour special will be airing on E4 on 15th November at 7pm. 

Other gang member Stuart, discovers that Ste has been a traitor to the gang, and feels like he must be silenced for good, in case he gets the whole gang in trouble.  Hollyoaks have teased that the episode will contain a showdown that will be leading to a number of people exiting the show, and that Ste will also be leaving but only temporarily. 

Ray Quinn was interviewed about the dramatic ending and said that emotions were running very high during the filming, so a lot of the scenes had real natural tears in them, as everyone was pushed to the edge. 

Hollyoaks has also revealed that there will be a shock stabbing, but they have not yet named the victim of the stabbing, but have said that they will manage to get themselves to the hospital with their injuries which are life threatening!

Who has been injured?

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