Hollyoaks spoiler: Music festival fun and drama in Hollyoaks

Commencing on Monday 5th August, we find out that Sinead has received a letter from Laurie on the eve of his sentencing hearing. Laurie is currently residing in jail where Sinead then goes to visit Laurie and respond to his letter. Laurie seems quite smug when he sees Sinead has come to visit.  Sinead tries to take control of the conversation right from the start of the visit. A tense conversation ensues.

On Tuesday we will see a group of the girls and boys head to a music festival together, needing to take a break after their exams. The group consists of Brookw, Juliet, Imran and Ollie. Packed with their sleeping and tents, they excitedly head to the festival. However the teenagers aren’t the only ones going to the festival, as Sinead, Cleo and Lisa decide to join them as Sinead wants to try and keep her mind off of her recent events with Laurie. We also see one more person, Sami, join them as he has been instructed by Diane to keep an eye on Sinead whilst she is away. The kids set up camp and have fun pranking each other early on in the festival weekend.  As the dancing begins, Sinead gets closer to Sami as she finally takes her mind off Laurie. Sami and Sinead get close on the festival dance floor!

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