Hollyoaks re-addresses a sensitive storyline, as we see Finn return, but how will everyone react???

This week we will see Finn back in Hollyoaks. He is keen to make amends for his past, but how can anyone look past what he has done. He went down for the rape of John Paul McQueen. How will john Paul react at seeing him back, how will his family react. Will he be able to make any sort of life for himself back in Hollyoaks.

This is a very sensitive topic that Hollyoaks covered, and now they are going to show the aftermath of when the criminal returns and how that affects the victims of the crime.  We will see Finn return after a 5 year stint in prison, and how he has to try and piece his life back together after committing such a heinous crime. We will see how other people around his react and how they will interact with Finn.

Finn wanted a completely fresh start away from Hollyoaks, but it is Dianne, who feels he should come back and start fresh back and face the music properly and show he is a changed person. It’s part of the rehabilitation process of trying to come to terms with what he has done, and make amends for everything he did wrong.  Hollyoaks will be exploring lots of different peoples takes on the whole thing.

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