Holly Willoughby speaks out about notorious Katie Hopkins

Holly Willoughby
Holly Willoughby

The This Morning presenter Holly Willoughby shows her disdain for ex Apprentice star Katie Hopkins by telling the Mirror ‘I Don’t Know What Goes On In Her Head’

It’s no surprise that there is no love lost between ITV’s This Morning presenter Holly Willoughby and Apprentice contestant turned fame hungry headline grabber Katie Hopkins. Katie first appeared on the This Morning sofa to cause a stir when she talked about how she believed children’s names said something about their personalities and therefore would not let her own children play with anyone who had a name she deemed to translate as a trouble maker. She gave examples such as ‘Tyler’ and ‘Chardonnay’ as names to avoid claiming she knew exactly what type of parents would call their child this, and therefore exactly what kind of child they would be –and not a good one.

Holly remained somewhat flabbergasted throughout the interview , and continuously pointed out the horror and snobbery of judging an innocent child by name alone. Katie however was not to be deterred and continued her tirade refusing to back down.

Hopkins again was invited back to the This Morning sofa to give her somewhat controversial views on parenting, essentially she pushed her view that children should be seen and not heard and that the attachment parenting style or AP parenting should be renamed CR-AP parenting –much to the anger of other guest Peaches Geldof who is a great fan of the method.

Holly, it seems, can hold her tongue no longer, and while it remains obvious onscreen  that the presenter does not in any way agree or endorse the views of Katie Hopkins she obviously felt the need to speak out about it to ensure that the nation knows exactly what she thinks.

Katie’s views of course spark a huge reaction from  people across the country, very few who agree with her point of view and parenting methods. Most, like Holly are outraged at how she can use class as a way to judge a child.

Holly herself admitted that Katie had made her angry thought still supported the idea of debating if people are enthused about a subject, regardless of their point of view. What upsets her most is the way that Hopkins uses personal attacks to back up what she is saying. She did this for example in the interview with Peaches Geldof where she made cruel jibes about Peaches, who, earlier in the year had tripped and accidentally knocked her son out of his pram.

Everyone makes mistakes in parenting particularly new mums and dads and it seemed particuarly unfair of Katie to use this against Peaches in an argument  about parenting style. Katie mocked Peaches saying that she was sure she was a fan of attachment parenting ‘attached to her phone that is’.

Peaches however held her own in the argument, with the support of Holly and Philip who were there to back her up when Hopkins got too personal.

So will she be invited back onto the This Morning sofa? Holly’s not saying, but we can imagine ITV bosses can’t help but notice the ratings when Hopkins does make an appearance, so perhaps that has something to do with it? Only time will tell!

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