Holly Willoughby gets emotional on ITVs This Morning

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Holly finds it hard to hold it together as they discuss newly convicted paedophile Ian Watkins

Holly Willoughby
Holly Willoughby

This Morning is an ITV programme well known for its diverse range of content. It cover everything from fashion to cooking, from celebrity gossip to hard hitting news stories. Often it tackles big issues, encourages debate and its two main presenters Holly Willoghby and Philip Schofield are certainly not afraid to ask the difficult questions to the wide range of celebrities, journalists, musicians and others that they interview on the famous This Morning sofa.

However a recent news story that has come to light has been particularly upsetting and has shocked and disturbed the nation, and it seems that the ever professional Holly couldn’t manage to hold back her sadness and disgust when doing a segment on the show in relation to the recent events surrounding Lostprophets singer Ian Watkins.

The presenting duo were doing the piece along with guests Keri Nixon, a forensic psychologist, and criminologist Mark Williams. Though in the eyes of many millions of viewers the crime Watkins committed were both unthinkable and inexplicable the interview tried to shed light on some of the psychological motivations behind the case.

The two experts in their field began to discuss some theories as to why the singer may have done what he did. It is now widely known that the disgraced singer gained access to his victims by preying on lonely and emotionally vulnerable single mothers. As the details of the crimes were mentioned Holly looked visibly shaken and fought back the tears and said ‘I find it very hard to listen to’ as his actions which included attempting to rape a baby were discussed on the show. As a mother and indeed a human being the allegations are particularly gruesome. We image Holly may have found it even harder as her best friend Fearne Cotton had previously dated the singer.

After the show Holly took to Twitter to reassure her concerned fans, some of whom had expressed their concern for the 32 year old, that she was okay.

She tweeted: “Hi, tough subject on the show today but really important that we talk openly about it…thanks for all your kind words. Xxx”

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