Holly Willoughby about her looks, children and career

Holly Willoughby

In a recent interview for The Sun ITV host Holly Willoughby told how whenever she appears without make-up her fans think she is ill. Also, she revealed that she fears when her kids will find out her on screen nickname: Holly Willough-booby.

Holly admitted that on the weekends she is a total slob, refusing to fix herself up: I am such a slob at the weekend. It’s hair back, no make-up. I just can’t be bothered. There’s no time. But people are used to seeing you in make-up so when you go bare-faced, you see people looking at you a little bit concerned, like, ‘Is everything all right? Yes, it’s fine. I’m just not wearing mascara. Chill out!’ But I think that’s quite funny, seeing people with their slightly confused, concerned faces.

Holly is usually looks impeccable but a few days ago she let her fans see her look after her kids gave her a makeover, by drawing all over her face. She has a three year old son, Harry and a 11 month year old little girl, Belle, who don’t care she’s on telly, they probably don’t have a clue that their mum is a celebrity. Holly said: I’m very much ‘Mum’ to them. I don’t know what they think I do.

They do know I’m on TV occasionally but for them that’s not very weird because they see themselves on my phone and on the computer all the time in photos and videos.It’s just normal. They’re not really fussed or freaked out by seeing people on screen.I don’t know when it will twig for them. But to be honest, unless I start hanging out with Peppa Pig, I don’t think they’ll be that impressed.

My family time is very separate from work. Things change when you have children.

Holly's face drawn by her kids
Holly’s face drawn by her kids

Holly is married to ITV producer Dan Baldwin, who is in charge of her show Celebrity Juice on ITV 2. You have to pity the guy for having to witness how presenter Keith Lemon drools over his wife and details what he would like to do to her “Willoughboobies”.

Holly recalled how when her son met Keith he thought he was Santa Claus: He thinks Father Christmas is an older version of Keith Lemon. That was interesting. Harry is obsessed with Keith. He’s never seen Celebrity Juice, obviously, but he’s come down to filming and he just loves that hilarious guy who gives him a thumbs-up, and so he copies him. Thank God that’s the only thing he’s ever seen him do or we’d be in trouble.

When asked what she will do when her kids will ask her about her infamous nickname, she said that she hasn’t thought about this thing yet, but it’s a good point. She will postpone thinking about this until the moment approaches. Holly also admitted that since she became a mum she doesn’t have much time for herself like before. She misses satisfying her hobbies like listening to music or going to concerts, which makes her feel like a fish out of water on the Voice.

There are four people on that panel of coaches who have the best knowledge of music, and Reg’s music knowledge is insane. I am utterly rubbish but that’s not really my job. I don’t really need to know because I don’t judge anybody. I did used to be more into music. It’s only in the last few years I’ve given myself a bit of a hard time about it. One of my favourite things I used to do was buy a new album on Monday and just sit there listening to it and reading the words like a book. But there’s just not the time now,  Holly said.

The telly star had a few interesting last months: winning a National TV Award-Best Daytime Show for  This Morning, not long after her co-host Phillip Schofield was criticized for bringing up a list of alleged pedophiles when David Cameron was invited on the show. Holly said:  I was really surprised, actually. I think it’s always lovely to win an NTA anyway and I think the whole team just needed that, because I’ve never known a team to work so hard and invest so much and believe so much in a show as they do.Everybody really cares about it so whatever happens — whether it’s something teeny-tiny or a massive blip — we all feel it. So to win it was lovely.

After four years of being a This Morning presenter Holly wishes she would do something more serious: I do get quite emotionally attached to problems and situations and I think about them a lot afterwards, and it bothers me. There are things that stay in my head for ever.

You know what made me sad recently? That series about Aylesbury Prison. Young people who aren’t making the most of their lives and didn’t get off to a great start and are just wasting their life, wasting their youth and potential.

So I could see that happening at some point. But I don’t know, it would all be about the right thing and timing and the rest of it. I don’t want to turn into some political mastermind now. I’m not really built for that.