Has Gary found his new victim!!!

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In Coronation Street recently we have seen that Gary Windass has tried to get his life back on track. He’s now running his new furniture business. He’s also hoping that no-one finds out that he was responsible for the factory roof collapsing.

However we see that Gary still has an angry streak in him, and he struggles to keep it in check when people get on the wrong side of him.
As in a previous spoiler, we’d revealed Ryan had stolen money from Gary, but is paying it back with interest. However On one occasion, when Ryan wants to take Alya out on a date, he ends up lying to Gary, saying there was a computer glitch, and that he hadn’t been paid, so he cudn’t give Gary his money. Will Ryan regret trying to play Gary?

We also see a drunk Derek, who is a dodgy investor, say to Sarah that he will be pocketing from the cash from the rebuild of the factory. Gary over-hears this and gets angry at Derek.
Later we see Adam quiz Gary about his altercation with Derek, but Gary plays it down, although Adam remains suspicious.

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