Has Finns darkness returned, what will happen when he tried to do the right thing?

Finn Kelly suffers a horror ordeal in this weeks Neighbours. Finn, played by Rob Mills, had previously been a villain of sorts after kidnapping Susan Kennedy and Bea Nilsson, however this week it all comes back to haunt him.

Finn managed to be let off by the courts earlier this year for all his past crimes, after he had suffered amnesia after Bea’s aunt Susan pushed him off a cliff.  After coming back, he has been living with the Kennedy’s. Bea’s sister, Elly, got pregnant by Finns half-brother, Shaun Watkins. Finn has now changed his ways, and has become quite charismatic, in a turn around, which has made Bea fall in love with him again.

Will this happiness last? Finn decides to be honest and go to the Police about an assault he committed. However he has a panic attack when the Police decide to put Finn behind the bars for his crime.  

The attack happened because, recently Yashvi had been giving a dark tour of all the spots in Erinsborough, where villan Finn had committed all of his crimes.  One person on the tour became disturbingly fixated on Finns crimes. This person, Alfie, ended up scaring Bea when he turned up out of the blue at the Kennedy home, when she was by herself.  Finn ended up saving the day by punching Alfie, however this has left him in fear of the authorities putting him behind bars.

The Kennedys found out what he had done, and urged Finn to go the police and tell them what he has done, or face having to move out of their home. Unfortunately, after telling police officer Mark Brennan, Finn is held in custody, so that the police can get Alfie’s story.

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