Has Dot left Eastenders?

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Fans are worried that they’ve seen Dot Cotton for the last time, as her troubles at home compelled her to flee to Ireland.

Dot’s Christmas had already been disrupted when she caught Sonia stealing money from her bank account. Although her initial accusation was correct, Sonia managed to save herself by blaming hackers for the missing cash, a lie that Dot believed.

Not long after, Sonia was again stealing from Dot. This time she felt she had no other choice after George, who Martin had put into a coma by hitting him with his van, blackmailed her to prevent him from telling the police what he remembered.

Although Dot initially had no idea who’d stolen her money, when Martin found out what Sonia had done for him he decided that the right thing to do was take the wrap. He falsely explained to Dot that it was he who took the money, and so she made him leave.

As Sonia realised what Martin had done for her, she went in to explain what had happened to her money but found that Dot had gone. What Dot had left behind was a tape recording for Sonia.

In her message Dot explained that she’d left to head to Ireland and moved in with her grandson to help raise his newborn.

Sonia was visibly upset that her secret betrayal had caused Dot to leave, even in the message left behind was warm.

The message finished with a goodbye that sounded too final for some fans.

June Brown has played Dot Cotton since 1985 and in those 35 has become one of the most recognisable faces on television.

Although the character’s age would make an exit at some point soon unsurprising, fans are hoping that this wasn’t her final goodbye.

Viewers have seen her character play a pivotal role in the iconic BBC show, and are far too used to drama for her to leave so under-the-radar.

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