Great British Bake Off 1920s week, custard tarts, souffles and more!

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Last time the bakers faced dairy week and unfortunately they had the worst technical challenge ever known on GBBO. Unfortunately Phil didn’t quite make the mark, and left the Bake Off tent.

This week, the bakers are back to try and impress. The theme this week is the1920s!

The first challenge, the signature challenge, to make 4 individual, highly decorate custard pies!

“A beautifully formed custard pie is, silky smooth, but, must contain the theme of the 1920s” – said Paul.

The bakers are using every second to try and get their decorations perfect.

Helena is making Lemon and Lavender pies – influenced by Greek.
Henry’s 1920s pies – will be lemon and lime, topped with meringue.
Rosie’s making little Blackberry pies.
Michelle is making Blueberry & White chocolate creme brulee pies topped with edible flowers.

Roll the dough too thin and it will break and crumble! Too thick, and it won’t hold the required amount of custard filling!

Steph is making zesty citrus custard pies with torched Italian meringue.
Alice is making chocolate & orange custard pies
David is making fancy custards, top with the faces of flapper girls.
Michael is making Mango, Lime & ginger pies
Priya is making lemon and raspberry custard tarts, giving herself twice as much work!

The verdicts are in!
David – Looks like a french patisserie shop. Right amount of base to custard. “Thats a custard pie, silky smooth, delicious” says Prue. He get the Paul Hollywood handshake!!!
Michael – good decoration, not full enough. Good custard texture, silky. Balance with the ginger is perfect. Just needs more filling.
Priya – Not a great decoration. boiled the custard. Tastes amazing, but the custard boiled and pastry too thick.
Alice – flavour overwhelmed by extract,
Steph – decoration simplistic but effective. custard looks beautifully set. Flavour beautiful, good flaky pastry.
Michelle – sugar top hasnt quite worked, but looks very neat
Henry – look quite neat, more base than filling. overbaked
Helena – purple coloured custard, a little bit too soapy in flavour.
Rosie – Had an accident and lost one pie, looks a bit sad on top. quite damp, not crisp. flavour of custard delicious.

On to the Technical challenge. There are 4 basic skills for the challenge that all must be got right! Prue wants them to make 18 Benoit souffles. fried shoe ball filled with smooth raspberry jam, and light and fluffy on outside.

Priya made a good attempt, and a good filling, but the sauce wasnt right. Michelles were too doughy, but not quite right on sauce. Alice, way too dark, but good inside texture. Michael didnt quite get them right, but a good sauce. Rosies were round but a bit dark. The sauce was not whisked enough. Davids, like churros that havent opened up, raw inside. Helenas, were great, just sauce not right. Henrys were very uneven.

9th – David
8th – Michael
7th – Michelle
6th – alice
5th – rosie
4th – Steph
3rd – henry
2nd – Priya
1st – Helena

1920s themes 2 tier cake, with the flavour based on their favourite cocktail, and a fabulous 1920s design!

Some fabulous designs, from Pina colada, to a vampire kiss!! There are 3 or 4 people who seem to be at risk, but Paul says there are 2 people who are starting to really fall away.

This weeks star baker is – Steph
This week, leaving us, are 2 people, who are, Michelle, and Helena.

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