Grantchester Pub Regulars Star in ITV Drama Series

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The Grantchester effect is not fully known, but traffic has increased since the Grantchester detective drama series started. The drama features regulars from the The Green Man pub. People in Grantchester are wondering if there will be any lasting effect once the last two episodes of the show have ended. Only time will tell, and now that the pub has been refurbished, it will be hard to tell the difference between new customers attracted because of the refurbishing and new customers resulting from the popular show. Regardless, publicity is good and the regulars are happier than ever thanks to ITV.

Grantchester Pub Regulars

There are only two episodes of detective drama series Grantchester left to go and then it’ll be months of Grantchester withdrawal while we wait to see if they make a second series.

At least if the withdrawal gets really bad you can just cycle over to Grantchester and reminisce on the good old days, but maybe people have already started to do that? We asked the locals if they’ve noticed any Grantchester fans hanging around the village…

The Rupert Brooke reopened two weeks ago after a huge refurbishment.

General Manager Paul Wicker said: “As we’ve only just reopened it’s hard to gauge exactly what ‘the Grantchester effect’ has been. The locals are certainly very impressed with it and we’ve had a lot of people mention it at the bar.”

Josh Vargo is the owner of The Green Man which has the added allure to fans of being featured in an episode of the show.

He said: “We have been extremely busy since it went on air, but then we’ve had such good weather over the last month it’s difficult to say whether the TV show has contributed to it. Quite a few people have asked us questions about the cast and crew, but in terms of trade it’s too soon to tell. Once the weather turns it’ll be easier to see if there’s been any lasting impact.”

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The Grantchester drama has only two episodes left, and people are wondering if the increased traffic to The Green Man will continue. I believe the pub has made its mark in history by being featured in an ITV detective drama and will be talked about for years to come. I’ll have to go visit the pub to see how it is ‘as a pub’ to be able to give my opinion, but that will be the deciding factor on the longevity of the television exposure. What a great way to feature local establishments though! Include them in a drama series! Maybe ITV has started something here.

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