Gossip from Laura Norton, aka Kerry Wyatt, on the fate of her storyline

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The storyline involving Kerry Wyatt may be finally coming to an end, as the actor Laura Norton has been revealing that all could be exposed very soon.

Kerry had accidentally started the factory fire that then killed Frank Clayton, when she tried to destroy the CCTV cameras, after stealing money from the factory. Both her and her daughter have been ridden with guilt but desperately trying to hide the truth from coming out about how the fire really started, as all fingers have so far been pointed towards Frank.

Laura was talking at the TV Choice awards and said that she hopes the truth will be revealed soon as it has gone on too long now. She was unable to give details, but said there is a lot of explosive stuff still to come.

Something has to give, as Kerry ended up lying to the Police about her and her daughter Amy’s involvement in the fire. Actor Laura said that there may also be a new love interest on the cards for Kerry, however this will still not give her any comfort to the predicament she is now in.

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