Gordon Ramsey’s son ditches glam life for marines

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Jack Ramsay, son of global culinary superstar Gordon Ramsay, has dismissed the comfortable life his father’s career could give him and decided to join the Marines.

Jack, who is the eldest of five children was recently on the Channel 4 documentary show Born Famous where he talked about what it was like being born into such a glamorous and publicised life.

As many would expect, he described his upbringing as akin to being in “a bubble” and told viewers that he’d “never had to fight or do anything by myself”.

Rather than basking in the family wealth, Jack will be earning a measly 18k a year as a recruit for the Royal Marines.

His decision is made even more surprising by the fact that Jack went to a highly renowned institution for his education, Exeter University, after outstanding A-Level results.

Such a background could have seen Jack placed straight into a role as a young officer but instead, he’ll be working with people from very varied backgrounds to learn military skills from scratch. That means mixing with people from very different academic and education settings, some as young as 16, fresh out of school.

Joining the marines starts with an intense training schedule that lasts around 32 weeks, and it’s notoriously hard to get through. It’s been reported that Jack began the course towards the tail end of 2019.

Jack’s made his career choice just as his dad’s own career looks to be taking a new step. Having previously made waves with shows like Hell’s Kitchen and Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, he’s now got something new lined up with the BBC. The new show will involve Gordon giving culinary entrepreneurs a tough time until deciding a winner that’ll get his financial support.

Both are sure to go on to great things.

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